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Senior Project Manager/Principal Investigator – Ryan Weller, M.A., The Ohio State University

Mr. Weller, the owner of Weller & Associates, Inc., has been conducting prehistoric and historic period archaeological surveys as well as architectural surveys with the company since 1993. Mr. Weller meets the requirements to be considered as a Principal Investigator as he meets the qualification standards of the U.S. Secretary of the Interior. Mr. Weller has been conducting CRM projects for a period of 23 years with Weller & Associates, Inc. and has experience writing reports that meet or exceed the involved State and Federal guidelines. Mr. Weller has built a staff that includes members who are academically qualified individuals that are capable of performing the field investigations as well as report preparation, artifact curation, and office management.  Since becoming a Principal Investigator, Mr. Weller has authored or co-authored over 2,000 CRM reports including many Phase I reports, Phase II assessment surveys, and Phase III data recoveries.  Mr. Weller is on the list of qualified consultants to do work in North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kentucky, and Ohio.Weller and Associates, ohio, Qualifications


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